10th Charity Kendo Championships


Charity Kendo Group is pleased to invite you to the 2018 Charity Kendo Championships

Welcome to the 10th Charity Kendo Championships.


This year marks the 12th anniversary of our charity activities supporting Maggie's Centres through the kendo workshop known for 2000 kirikaeshi and the 10th year supporting both Maggie's Centres and Macmillan Cancer Support, through the Charity Kendo Championships.

To mark the 10th anniversary we will have some specials on top of our usual.



The Championship format will stay as usual, Junior Individual Championships by age groups including armour and non-armour Groups followed by Junior Team Championship known as the Sakura Cup, then Family Team Championship for the Hiroshi Ozawa Fighting Spirit Shield and the 'finale' Kachinuki match - Maggie's vs Macmillan, for which one individual with the best performance will be awarded the Kashinoki Plate. For the junior categories children from age 6 years old to 17 can take part.


It is a family event and there will be Parents Competition just after the lunch break. So parents and siblings are welcome to take part. The detail of the parents competition will be announced on the day. There will also be the Auction of items, from which money made will all go to both charities. If you have any unwanted items in the house, please bring them along too.


We look forward to seeing you all again this year. Online application form will be available shortly.


Our thoughts are with those people fighting cancer and their family today.


Kendo Charity Group

sponsors of the 10th Charity Kendo Championships


Westfield Community Sports Centre
Tolpits Lane, Watford

WD18 6NS


Saturday 28th April 2017

see map below.

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09.15 Registration

09.30 Referee meeting

09.45 Opening Ceremony

10.00 Junior Individuals Group A

10.30 Junior Individuals Group B

11.00 Junior Individuals Group C

11.30 Junior Individuals Group D

12.00 Final matches Group A, B, C and D

12.15 Lunch break

12.45 Auction

13.15 Parents competition

13.45 Junior Team

14.45 Family Team

16.00 Kachinuki Maggie's vs. Macmillan

16.45 Closing Ceremony



All juniors need to register at 9:15am and participate in the Opening Ceremony. Contact the organiser if you cannot do this for any reasons.


The programme is a guidance only and start times of Junior Individual categories are subject to numbers of the entry for each category. Please turn up early enough if you cannot be at the venue 9:15am.


The hall is available for warm up from 9:15 - 9:40am within marked area so after registration all the juniors are suggested to do a short warm up before Opening Ceremony.



Adult : £10.00

Junior / student : £5.00


Organiser : kendocharity@gmail.com


Rules for the championships.

All competitions are under FIK rules except for some particulars as listed below.


If you are 3rd Dan and above please be prepared to make yourself available for refereeing when you are not fighting.


Junior Individual Championships are divided in 4 categories:


Group A

Junior individuals non-armouor group (all ages up to 17 years old)

Junior kendoka with no armour. Please do not wear any parts of armour. Competitors will perform kirikaeshi and uchikomi (men, kote, do, kote-men, kote-do, men) then Hantei decision. Please supply motodachi from your own club. Contact the organiser if you cannot do this so that motodachi will be prepared by the organiser.


Group B

Junior individuals age group 11 and under:

Junior kendoka up to 11 years old with armour. 3 point match. Hantei if draw at the end of the match in the tournament. Encho for 1 point match only at final match.


Group C

Junior individuals age group 12 - 14:

3 point match. Hantei decision if draw at the end of the match in the tournament. Encho for 1 point match only at final match.


Group D

Junior individuals age group 15 - 17:

Junior kendoka 15 to 17 years old. 3 point match. Hantei decision at the end of the match in the pool matches. Encho for 1 point if draw at the end of the match, in the tournament only.



Junior Team competition: (Kashinoki Sakura Cup)

Entry can be done by clubs and individual members but a team should consists of the three individuals from each category of the above groups Group B, Group C and Group D, and they should fight in this order. If you cannot make up a team please let the organiser know so that we will make teams fairly.



The match to be 3 point match with no encho except for the representatives match, which will be 1 point match by one individual from each team if draw at the end of the team match at tournament. Either from Group C and D to represent the team.



During Pool matches the draw will be re-calculated in the order of number of win, point then number of loss. If all equal a representative match for 1 point will be carried out.



Family team: (Ozawa Hiroshi Fighting Spirit Shield)

1 junior 1 female 1 male regardless of grade - no need to be related. Junior entry is restricted to those from Group C and D only. Registration is required. If you like to take part but don't have the team members let the organiser know at the time of online registration. We will try our best to find you team members. Team order junior-female-male or junior-male-female. Junior member should always be the first fighter.



Kachinuki Team Competition: (Kashinoki Plate)

Maggie's vs Macmillan: juniors, senior male and senior female kenshi in armour are all welcome to participate. All participants will be divided into two teams e.g. Maggie's team and Macmillan team. Competition is in Ippon match Kachinuki style if you win you will remain to fight until you lose. Juniors only fight juniors. At the start of adult section, the match is 3 point match, starting from 2nd point (nihon-me), with 1 point awarded to the winner of the last junior fight. The individual who defeats largest number of competitors will be awarded Best Performance Award.

— Accomodation —

some options for those traveling far



Holiday Inn Express London - Watford Junction (* recommended*)


01923 288 600


Best Western White House Hotel


01923 237 316


Hotel Jurys Inn Watford


01923 422 800


Park Inn Watford


01923 429 988


Travelstop Inn


01923 224 298


Travelodge Watford Central


0871 984 6320


Holiday Inn Express London - Watford Junction


01923 288 600


The Bedford Arms Hotel

01923 440 047




The Pegasus Guest House

01923 240 154


The Redford Lodge

01923 223 785


Ricky Road Guest House (*recommended*)

01923 465 910


Harlequin Executive Studios


01923 443 756


Grove End Hotel


01923 226 798


Phoenix Lodge


01923 818 940


Berrygrove lodge B&B (*Recommended*)


01923 218 015





Junior Individual Competitions:

Group A (non-armoured group)

1st Place - Kako Yamamoto

2nd Place - Gabriel Eden

3rd Place - Joseph Meade

Fighting Spirit - Jason Richards


Group B (11 years old and younger)

1st Place - Ryuichi Taguchi

2nd Place - Oliver Wright

3rd Place - Mizuka Hirata

3rd Place - Anne Ito

Fighting Spirit - Mizuka Hirata


Group C (12 - 14 years old)

1st Place - Daigo Hirata

2nd Place - Kazushi Ogasawara

3rd Place - Kotomi Kaneyama

3rd Place - Koji Nixon

Fighting Spirit - Mina nixon


Group D (15 - 17 years old)

1st Place - Victor Raineri

2nd Place - Joshua Dew

3rd Place - Elinor Turner

3rd Place - Owen Thorpe

Fighting Spirit - Conrad Tilroe


Junior Team

Sakura Cup winner

Noel Cadete, Hayato Ito, James Wright (Wakaba)

2nd Place

Ryuichi Taguchi, Joey Grant, Joshua Dew (Musashi)

3rd Place

Mizuka Hirata, Daigo Hirata, Conrad Tilroe (Mumeishi)

3rd Place

Kazuma Nishijima, Kazushi Ogasawara, Victor Raineri (Kodokan)

Fighting Spirit

Leon Cadete, Mina Nixon, Oliver Langton (Ittosai)


Family Team

Hiroshi Ozawa Fighting Spirit Shield winner

Kotomi Kaneyama, Marion Thibaudeau, Anthony Griffith (Wakaba 3)

2nd Place

Harry Fry, Chieko Fry, Abe

3rd Place

Victor Raineri, Elinor Turner, Mike Eden (Kodokan)

3rd Place

James Wright, Kurumi Wright, Phillip Law (Wakaba 1)

Fighting Spirit

Hayato Ito, Elizabetta Airoldi, Hiromichi Matsuoka (Wakaba 2)



Parents Competition

1st Place - Mrs Ito

2nd Place - Mrs Hirata

3rd Place - Julie

Fantastic Award - Mrs Cadete


Shoshin Award

Tenpudo Golden Kote

Elinor Turner


£286.96 was raised and this was split in half and donated to both Maggie's Centres and Macmillan Cancer Support.







10th Charity Kendo Championships

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10th Charity Kendo Championships
10th Charity Kendo Championships

10th Charity Kendo Championships

10th Charity Kendo Championships